• snow falling and twirling all around
    slowly and silently hiting the ground
    i reach out to touch the icey crystals, which melt aginst my hand
    i see how they glitter and sparkle so bright under the night moon and stars
    i see it slowly build on trees,roofs and cars
    then the cool night wind howled as a gush of snow swirrled around me so fast
    in the snow all i could see was a reflection but not of me it was of my past
    i saw my mom laying dead,i saw the car crash we had,and much more
    like the time i saw a strange unknown face through the front door
    then my future appeared
    i thought its going to be worse i feared
    but i saw my love by my side,i saw a house so tall,but to complete it i saw a little child laying in my arms so beautiful with curly hair and lil blue eyes
    suddenly the swirling stopped...i asked why have i have been shown this
    then a voice came from the shadows..and said this is what you have yet to come theese are your future winters dont let the cold ever bring you down just remember what you have to look forward to.kaitlyn its me your mom im only looking out for you and showing you what you have yet to come later on in life see how much better it is now.ii said but mom why..why did you leave i cried so much when you died right there by my side i cried for so long i may be happy but i wanted a mom to be there to show me the way but i didnt i was left alone sure i have friends but i cant tell them everything i could have told you....and the voice said slowly fadeing..i must go darling i love you i forever have and never will stop...good bye my child..i will be with you always..i said i love you to mom farewell...then i turned to go home