• What are you apologizing for baby?
    Why do you look like you just cried?
    Honey why do you keep cringing
    Why do you wish to die?

    What are you saying?
    I’m not quite understanding
    Baby please just explain
    What answer are you demanding?

    Why do you always answer yes?
    How come you always apologize?
    Baby what sin have you committed
    That measured in such size?

    Honey I think you are wrong
    Baby what are you saying?
    I’m not quite following
    What message are you relaying?

    Baby why do you keep on crying
    Why is ‘sorry’ always on your lips
    Baby what happened before
    Why are there scars on your hips?

    Honey please just stop now
    I don’t know what you’re talking about
    Just drop it now please baby
    Your playing with nothing you know about

    Baby I know already, I figured it all out
    I always wondered baby, and now I know
    Baby please tell me the truth
    Baby please don’t tell me to let this go

    How do you know?
    In your sleep you aren’t silent
    How do you know?
    Baby your dreams are violent

    How do you know?
    Honey you cry at night
    How do you know?
    Baby its okay, its alright

    How do you know?
    Baby you don’t just sleep and dream
    How do you know?
    Baby while you sleep you scream