• The hour is still and undisturbed as I glance into the darkness of eternity
    The only movement is that of my heart and the trees around me
    Stripped of their leaves and true identity
    Mirroring the emotions that overwhelm my tranquility
    I feel lost, betrayed, misunderstood
    My limbs search for something to touch
    My soul yearns for someone to love
    I look up at the heavens, waiting desperately for a sign
    I need a savior, a guardian, a friend
    Someone to hold me close and keep me warm in times of sudden chill
    I look down the long narrow path of my life
    Haunted by the images flashing by me
    Disturbed by the voices that taunt my memory
    I want to run away and escape from it all
    However, the gray stones are wet and cold beneath my feet
    Forcing me to remember the harsh times I have endured
    Forcing me to memorize the cruel faces I have encountered
    I sigh and hope salvation will be restored
    For I no longer want to feel a sense of rejection
    For I can no longer tolerate this pain
    For no longer will I be