• Dance
    The ballroom is empty .A sweet aroma captivates my senses as you pass me .A gentle melody surrounds the room as you sway to it .My ears hear it but Iā€™m to absorbed by your magnificent self .You gesture to me to join you .I step towards you and feel the electricity of your gorgeous being rip through my soul .You embrace my body to yours and gaze into my eyes .I wrap my arms around you as I get lost in your eyes .We dance, not to the music, but we are inspired by each other as well .I abstain no more as I move to kiss you, only to find your lips searching for mine . An electrifying feeling eclipses the room .An extraordinary gesture of love over whelms me .We part our lips and I find the most magnificent way to express my feelings to you. ā€ I love you and everything that makes you,you .ā€ I whisper to you .We embrace each other and we dance.