• The empty house I walk inside
    Falling against the bare wall
    I can feel the tears roll down my cheeks.
    Trying to figure out what had gone wrong
    It seems to be the impossible.
    What had been so good?
    So close
    Yet so far
    To see you once again
    That beautiful smile...

    Reaching for what was to be heaven to my heart.
    Just to lift your chin,
    Kiss you gently,
    The wondrous aroma of your perfume
    Lingers in my mind...
    I wonder now where the bright sky has gone to.
    turned to dark clouds...

    To hear that sweet voice,
    Sing that one song that fills out hearts.
    To find that one place I love the most
    It's now impossible without you.

    At last...
    I can say one little prayer,
    In hope that I can look into those sparkling eyes.

    For now Ill stay far
    Just not so far...
    And hope that you'll come back.

    In the empty shell of my heart
    It's cold,
    And smells like salt.

    I'll say one last prayer...
    And hope you'll be there.
    For now...
    This is who I am.
    Lost in a void in my mind.
    Can't feel my emotions any longer.
    Just wishing I can hold you close
    And taste that sweet kiss
    That you left to linger on my lips. I'll just lie back down
    Hiding in my bed
    as the tears roll down once more...