• Hey Valentines day
    Made for two couples to be sent away
    Throwin up there chocolates yellin horay
    And dumped that that dude name Jay

    You take her hand and fall of this cliff
    Blastin caps like Mr and Mrs Smith
    Stand in front of her taking every hit
    Defending her having blood in every spit

    Stop by Rome to by some romantic art
    Or drive to Wal-Mart
    Buy some chocolate shape hearts
    Then arrive at school and spilt apart red pop-tarts

    All night standing by the bed
    Sheets are red
    She signal me really high
    Give me that green light

    Im ready go right now
    Slip under those sheets
    Go Boom Boom Pow!
    Smokin a love stick and the smell heats

    Now dont be like Chris brown and smack your woman wall to wall
    Because she'll turn the tables around
    Letting go of the heart letting it fall
    Then you'll be breaking down

    No girl can cramp your style
    Time to take your dinner out
    Spagetti is ready now
    Eatting time
    Under the stars
    On Valentines