• You are so cruel to me.
    You make my heart bleed.
    What is it that makes you play?
    Is it the fact that I always obey?
    It is my fault you are my puppeteer.
    Which makes me wonder how sick I appear.
    I could get up and walk away.
    But for some reason I'd rather stay.
    You feed on my love, never gave back.
    Now I'm drowning in pain,about to crack.
    This isn't how we use to be.
    If this is what I did, well now I see.
    You made me melt right to my core.
    Made me beg for more.
    Was it all just a game?
    Did you ever love me, or am I insane?
    Have you forgotten that cold winter night?
    You felt so warm, you held me tight.
    You looked at me with a heartbreaking smile.
    This I can never forget, even after a long while.

    The Alone