• --Symmetry--

    Broken thoughts and a missing page,
    If you are the player then I am the stage.
    Reaching far, not far enough,
    You had your chance, I called your bluff.

    A band of gold that had no meaning,
    Behind closed doors and opaque screening.
    What you did, I can't condemn,
    I was the rough, she is the gem.

    I found you beaten, broken-down,
    Secret pain without a sound.
    Your heart was opened, but I never saw,
    A wound so deep or a red so raw.

    I'm not a healer, not a priest,
    But I can save you at the least.
    A bit of the word we dare not speak,
    Could be the answer we both seek.

    At journey's end we rest alone,
    Between us stands a wall of stone.
    We venture on, to trip and fall,
    Still waiting, wanting, for an end to it all.