• nothing to look forward to when i go to school
    rather stay at home and sit in a stool
    call up my friends and have a little party cheese_whine
    when the guys come over, i'll act like Matt Hardy
    i will run around like a Super Bowl champion
    with my girl by my side her name is just Camoren
    i will chill with the boyz Mikey and Jake
    but if i see Ian i'll beat him with a rake
    i found little Tasha in the kitchen talking Mary Kate
    i slapped her butt made her drop her plate
    she screamed out "Jerry!" with that annoying voice
    so i gave her a hug, i had no choice
    as we all walked back into the living room
    guess who came in none other than Chad with a boom
    i walked on over to shake the mans hand
    he's the drummer of my best friend hot new band
    my ex Mellissa is the lead singer
    when shes not singing she watches Jerry Springer
    Gary "Malary" played the electronic guitar
    the name "Malary" cmae from a sticker on his car
    the last member of the band is Tom on bass
    but dont go near him hes a mental case
    the name of the band is The final Affair
    yes i named them cause they didnt care
    the band's sound is like Green Day/ Sublime mix
    when Tom sings he sounds like Nikki 6
    their first cd was entitled Last Call of The Night
    with songs like Under the Knife and The Local Fight
    Mellissa's favorie song is the one about her dog Max Sound
    its writted by her and called The Unforgetable Put Down
    the story of the trajedy is as this
    he was put down by a guy named Chris
    when Max started to act all strange and weird
    we thought he was growing in his beard
    we took him to the vet who had bad news
    Max had cancer, too many Mountain Dews
    the doc said he had to be out down
    or the cancer may spread around
    Melissa could't believe what she just heard
    she chucks a chair at the window, which is obsurd
    she sat down and started to weep
    i hugged her and sat next to her in the next seat
    days upon days she wasnt herself
    she felt like a broken woddy doll being put on a shelf
    i came up with an idea that might make her feel better
    i told her to write a song and knit a sweater
    even though she stole some lyrics from Offspring and Sublime
    the song was pretty awesome, like what else to say at the time
    she usually listens to songs like Dr FeelGood
    she loves that classic stuff, its like her all day food
    her room is flooded with ACDC and Tom Petty stuff
    hell shes even got a trunk full of the Police Cuffs
    ok her cd collection consist of some of the best
    from Elvis to Bullet 4 My Valentine which is tatooed on her chest
    her favorite song ever is like the greastes song ever
    its Dumb by Nirvana which she plays forever
    dont get me wrong she does hate some bands
    like Simple Plan and Yellow card, they can kick the cans
    just like me she cant stand rap
    she understands its a load of krap
    but when it comes to Paramore and the click five
    she would give a limb to see them live
    ok thats enough about dear old Melissa
    now here is Gary Malary of Tristia
    Gaery Malary is kinda like me
    he likes to watch wrestling on the tv
    i cheer Van Dam while he cheers for Cena
    Van dam's the best but Cenas just a fake Marina
    the Extreme Superstar and the former champ
    hear the fans cheer nd boo as they come down the ramp
    thats not the only thing Gary likes
    he also likes to take morning hikes
    "CaptionMalary" is what his girl calls him
    he calls her after the rugrat kim
    ok now off to Tom the nutcase
    who thinks midgets are a different race
    Tom was hit in the head when he was a kid
    with a baseball bat by a guy named Sid
    your probably wondering why he did it
    just a week earlier Tom pushed him in a pit
    why would Tom do that you may ask
    well Sid asked Tom to do a special
    it involved weed, a gun and a girl named Monica
    it just just happened to take place in the same week as Hanukkah
    He was supposed to to go and steal some weed
    from the apartment of Monica Reed
    you see the way Monica fits in the story
    Sid fooled around with her while he was dating Lori
    One day Sid was cought in the act
    by a camera crew from he knew for a fact
    he hoped in his car and drove away
    called up Tom along the way
    he told him about the girls and cheaters
    and to meet him at the pub called Peter's
    as soon as Tom sut Sid hands him a gun
    he says "Guess what mate? Were gonna hava bit of fun."
    "I want us to break into Monicas place
    but be careful not to leave a trace"
    Tom asks "Whats the gun for?"
    Sid replys "Lets just say her brain may end up on the floor"
    Tom wasnt the one to commit murder
    So he was not gonna take this any further
    he put the gun down and walked away
    Sid said "Copme on lad, dont be so gay"
    Tom turned around and to his surprise
    the gun was in his right between his eyes
    just then a topless waitress came by
    while Sid was distractedTom hit the gun on the fly
    it flew through the air and landed in some guys drink
    but the dude was so drunk he didnt know what to think
    so before he had a chance Tom punched Sid in the face
    then he threw him into the drunk who fell in a gutar case
    Tom grabbed the gun and ran all the way home
    and hid the gun inside a garden gnome
    the very next day there was a knocking at Tom's door
    he opened it up and there was Sid looking like Pauley Shore
    before dear old Tom had time to react
    Sid hit him in the face with a baseball bat
    Sid ranaway and left him in as puddle of blood
    he could've died there if it wasnt for his bud
    Gary found Tom and took him to the hospital wing
    the doc saw him and with a sigh she said "Poor thing"
    they took him to the ER quick as a wick
    Gary saw some blood and felt a little sick
    they did all they could but it wasnt enough
    its was short but his life was rough
    Tom the Crazed will be missed by all
    til' this day i can hear his call
    remember if you know a friend who does drugs
    get them to stop, even if it bugs