• Day 1:
    The tears flow constantly.
    Drenching my pillow.
    It's hard to sleep.
    When you feel so low.

    Day 2:
    It's still hard to believe.
    That he's not mine anymore.
    Im crying constantly.
    My eyes are sore.

    Day 3:
    I havn't slept in days.
    My parents start to worry.
    It's hard to eat now.
    The days seem so blurry.

    Day 4:
    I can't cry anymore.
    My eyes seem so dry.
    So now it's just silent sobs.
    I have no reason to try.

    Day 5:
    Sadness turned to fury.
    I trashed my room today.
    Asking why love must hurt.
    Why I must have such a delay.

    Day 6:
    My arms are all cut up.
    So are my legs
    It's takes the inner pain away.
    How much longer I beg.

    Day 7:
    I'm letting my cuts heal.
    He's not worth my pain.
    Or tears.
    He's driving me insane.

    Day 8:
    I'm still in my room.
    Sitting on my bed.
    Im still a bit sad.
    Only a few tear I shed.

    Day 9:
    My first day back at school.
    It was hard.
    Just to see your face.
    It leaves me scarred .

    Day 10:
    No I don't want you back.
    Don't you see what you've done?
    So please go away.
    Of your love I want none.