• Misplaced confidence or lack thereof,
    Could keep me from the stars above.
    But if i tremble to see the day,
    Then i know that i must stay.
    For who could love this burdened heart,
    That separates lovers from the start?
    And through the tears is magnified,
    All of lifes littlest lies.
    For the Dawn I patiently wait,
    And wish this not to end in hate,
    For are the nightmares really there?
    All these things I ask myself,
    And wonder if it's 'cause of guilt.
    For through this life we all must share these twisted memories.
    Who can I turn to? Who even cares?
    It's up to me to fill my life with what I know is truly there,
    No longer will I fear the night,
    For I'm the hero filled with might,
    And I will win this Fight!!!