• WHAT WAS SAID... 2/12/10
    You brought me back up.
    You were so beautiful.
    You were the light in my darkness.
    I love you?

    You made me look forward to another day.
    You had my hopes up.
    You made me think i had you.
    I love you.

    You made me love you.
    You screwed me over.
    You did what you wanted.
    I loved you.

    You're a b.itch.
    You f.ucked up all my dreams.
    You made me cry endlessly.
    I do love you.

    I said...
    You were my baby,
    You were my girl,
    You were the stars surrounding my moon.

    I said...
    You were my babygirrl,
    I wanted you to be mine
    and how i felt for you.

    I said i love you...
    You f.ucked me up emotionally.
    You're a b.itch for losing me like this
    and I still love you.

    I only wish i had the chance to kiss you
    and the chance to be yours again,
    but you dont feel the same...
    so its not the same.

    I want you back, Babygirrl, my star.