• I look at it not with a clue, of what may happen after,
    I look at it the day after and after, not being affected by the day after,
    A single day my mind is changed, and suddenly in fear,
    The emotions of myself, are being ripped apart,
    My heart inside, it hurts with pain, of no realizing the sin,
    And inside my soul I feel the rip, of my insanity slip,
    Oh God if you hear, please save me now, from falling into this sin,
    But even with this prayer I fall asleep, and sleep till the dawn appears,
    My life is corrupted, the fear is greater, and I feel the pain inside start to grow,
    I look inside a small box case, and I see hope and salvation inside,
    I grab the handle, I lock the trigger, I look into the world,
    But as I start to think it through, the only one that made this happen,
    My best friend was there, He will always be there, But even knowing this,
    The pain inside my chest is deep, I don’t care what happens next,
    I plead for God to have Mercy on my soul, And as I say this final Prayer I look and see my best friend, Watch me fall As I pull the trigger.

    The pain is gone, but new pain in hell is come.