• How do you deal with...
    a guy who used to be perfect, but now is tainted.
    Your friend the player, enough said.
    The guy too weird for even your friends to accept.
    A guy that finally stopped waitign for you.
    Or the guy you don't know if you really like.
    How about, narrowing down your list.

    What do you do when...
    You have no idea what to do.
    They are all amazing in their own unique ways.
    Too many guys liek you adn you finally consider only two.
    Your friends aren't helping, only making things worse.
    Both guys patiences disintegrates , you have to decide soon.

    What if...
    The one you liek the most finally chooses you.
    One of your best guy frien drevel a secret crush on you.
    Both in the same bloody emotion hour.
    You try to choose, but end up even more confused.
    That friend of yours increases the amount of drama.
    You find out some things were just a joke, for her entertainment.
    Yet you don't find out what was real or fake.
    Maybe there was no joke at all.

    what would you do if...
    You had no idea what to do.