• I sit here and sigh
    I wish to move, but I can't.
    For I am chained to this earth
    and it's inner workings so misconstrued.

    My soul bound, gagged, and locked
    in the darkness that is sorrow and depression.
    My hands struggle against the bonds of my plight.
    My knees crumble under the weight of lies
    told again and again.

    I sigh again calming the trashing of my body and
    the rejection of the gag that chokes me with the pressure of a fist.
    I open my eyes to see the darkness within myself.
    I stand to feel my stature against the world.

    Taken with the wind I begin to move.
    One after another my feet move,
    the chains chortling with joy at the sight of my mangled body and soul.
    My hands reach and my fingers grip
    only to find nothing.