• Nightmares full on hate and pain
    I want to wake up but i cant
    this is not a nightmare
    this is very much real

    And that fact strikes fear in to my heart
    and pain in to my soul
    thoughts of loseing him
    cross my mind regreatgully

    Traped in the claws of fate
    and bounded by love and spite
    my heart on the beheaders table
    I just want this all to end

    Please time please forget me
    and fate leave me alone
    make the cringing pain stop
    and nightmares fade

    Im done here
    i love him so and i dont want to go
    eventhough i must
    time just pass me by

    as long as the moon shines
    and blood flows through my body
    please just let his voice sing me to sleep
    and fate leave me be

    And in my dream
    all 3 of us will meet again
    and my love can hold me once more