• Why do you love me? Do you even care? If I left the world tonight, would you just sit there? Would you think, 'Oh, another to pit'? Or would you shed a tear for my forgotten soul?
    Hold me close today, give me a bullet tomorrow, how can you stand to look at me, knowing what is to come? You know as well as I, that tomorrow is never coming, so why do you insist on telling me to 'hope for a better tomorrow'?
    I've trapped myself inside my mind, doomed to go insane, from loneliness, from over crowding. For though I am in the crowd, I am trapped inside my mind, doomed to be forever more, a figment of the past. Today I am yours, you hold me close, embrace me, give me a final kiss, but by the morning light, I disappear into shadow, blown away by the wind of fate, gone with the sands of time.
    You say you love me, is that really true? You may kiss me now, but what about when I'm not around? Do you forget about me and find another to love? Is that who you really are? Say you need me then you leave me, tear my heart to shreds, burn my memories, and leave me here to rot. Let my body decompose, you don't think I know, you don't think I know the truth, who you really are!
    I can't stand this, no longer will I take it, let me find my own escape, let me find my own world. Slipping away, into my dreams, I realize something important, something that never quite clicked............If you don't care, why do you shed these tears for me now, laying here beside me? Why do you hold my hand now, as the poison seeps into my heart? Is this a lie, another figment of my mind...... No, the warm, wet droplets hitting my cheeks are real, you're truly sorry......You truly care......
    Black, everything is dark, all is gone, everything but this lasting memory. You lean close, hold my head up, let me leave the ground; whisper words that resound through my mind again and again: I love you. As this final thought pounds through my head, your lips greet mine, we are one, our heart holds a steady beat, so strong I could dance, our mind is spinning as our lips tell each other what words can not.......and then, as suddenly as this glorious moment had begun, my head falls onto your chest, and all is blank, nothing is left but the cold hollow shell of something I can not be..........A live, human being.