• Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words always hurt me
    Broken metals and flower petals, like your love, consume me
    Would I cry to say goodbye to love once had now lost?
    I'd lose myself within your hair but truly at what cost?

    Mystic gales and fairy tales, things I treasure most
    They tell me things I want to hear and of love they always boast
    Would our love but be this way, instead of hate and pain?
    I'd give you the world if I could, instead we're left with stains

    Pots and pans and merry hands, inside this kitchen filled
    The home now broken, the merry gone, and all the world is stilled
    The things I cried, the words you screamed, still ring inside my head
    The fists we shared, the brusises made, hurt less than what was said

    My condolences, my goodbyes, mean not much today
    In a year, or maybe two, the winds will make you sway
    But I'll be gone, carried away upon a different wind
    Summer brings with it new life, but mine shall not begin

    Maybe on a distant shore, with the wind upon my face
    I'll wrap myself with this false warmth, the air as your embrace
    What more could I do with these sticks and stones still pounding at my back
    With no future dead ahead, I leave you with this important fact