• My heart grows heavy from the pain. I don't want to keep this black heart contained. I can't leave no matter how much it hurts to keep it in, but how I know that it must stay.

    I have said it once and once more again, I hate life and what involves it. Fear flies into the hearts of those who it can really hurt the most. Then time goes by and then it just hurts worse.

    I feel though my time at an end for pain will kill me before I see the end. I know you may not care, but those who listen that mean the most. I’ve said I’ve hate but I have loved, but now.

    I feel now that it is just a word. I write now, at this time to say, “Good-bye” for I don’t think can stand the pain of losing someone again. I’m not dead but nor alive.

    For this black heart still beats with time. I live to serve and now, I live to wait for time to take what left I have on this little planet called Earth….