• Do you have any idea
    How much my heart breaks?
    How heavy my tears fall
    In your absence?
    Can you even begin to sense
    The sorrow I feel here
    Without you?
    Can you even fathom
    The hole you have left in my heart?
    The empty space that cannot be filled?
    My head is bowed low
    Under the weight of this cloud
    That darkens my every day.
    When will I see you again, my love?
    When can I hold you?
    When can I hear your voice?
    When can I display my love for you?
    I want you.
    I need you.
    How can I live without you here?
    Without your guiding light?
    Without your hand in mine?
    Please love
    Give me the strength to go on
    For I have not the strength alone.