• Life is a puzzle
    One not easily solved
    And one that begins and ends
    Again and again and again.

    Some waste away
    Trying to comprehend it
    Others ran ahead unawares
    And others stay so still they miss it turning.

    With every good thing that happens
    Comes a bad one to counter attack
    And of course vice versa
    We are never stranded in either despite our beliefs.

    Some drown in their misfortune
    And others are blind with their good luck
    But the reality is that this is not a story
    And things will always change.

    A young child's heart is broken
    And though she cries from the heartache
    She grows up and she'll be mended
    Nothing stays bad forever.

    Sometimes we suffer too much
    To see the good that happens
    And sometimes we prance about too happy
    To consider the bad that could come our way.

    Life is not a story to be told
    It's not one to assume things will go badly
    Or one that things will miraculously work themselves out
    It is not a make believe fairy tale.

    When we dream do we see what we want?
    If we cry, is all of our hurt washed away?
    When I wake up ten years from now
    I wonder who in my 'story' will be forgotten.

    Hurt passes unseen like sand
    Between our wounded fingers
    We wake up one day and look back on why we cried
    So many years ago and not remember.

    Life is a puzzle
    And our 'story' was never really written
    Those we forget will be locked away memories
    And the hurt saved away for the end of our smiles.

    We will never stop smiling, not really, because we grow up
    But with every hurt comes a reason to smile
    And the tears will become a dream for later
    When we can't remember why they was ever shed.