• I like you because
    you don't comfort my insecurities
    and you won't protect me.
    You don't care that much.
    I have to be strong myself.

    I like you because
    in your misery, you destroy.
    Where others cry
    in the face of injustice,
    you scream
    and set things on fire.
    Where others melt,
    you explode.

    I like you because
    you lied to me.
    But not like fairy
    tales did.
    Happily ever
    after. Bullshit.
    I want lies like
    monsters in the closet
    or a vampire
    under my bed.

    I like you because
    when I feel anger
    and frustration,
    when my skin burns
    and my heart pounds,
    when I am violent
    and hateful,
    I am not myself.
    But at least I am
    no longer

    I like you because
    you conquer me
    and I am weak.
    You let me break
    and you don't pick up
    the pieces for me.
    You fight me
    and I lose.

    I like you because
    you are my only fear
    and now nothing
    can get me again.
    You replaced
    drowning or
    being buried alive.

    I like you because
    there is nothing to love.