• colorless tile stretches an eternity across the floor
    white washed walls as blank as my vacant mind
    a handful of people spread out across this room
    all here for some reason or another
    all as boring and monotone as the room itself
    there is a painting of a small child holding a flower on the far wall
    it brings life to a room full of dying souls
    all of us. waiting for nothing

    waiting on a moment that will make it worth it
    when we can finally look back upon all of our hardships
    all of our battles, victories or otherwise
    and say, i'm glad i fought, because now i am here, and i am happy
    we all search in vain for that rapture, in some way or another
    but i find doubt where i should be finding salvation

    i cannot believe that there will ever be a time when i am truly at peace
    a single moment that will justify all of thought, all of my sins
    there is no instance when this eternal weight will free itself from my shoulders
    there is no end to the that war rages on within me
    every waking hour, every sleepless night
    and there are millions searching just like me
    hoping and dreaming and praying

    we all breathe the same air
    we all set the same goals
    we all meet the same end
    but we still breathe in, breathe out, and breathe in again
    every inhalation bringing oxygen to our greedy cells
    sucking away at the greatest addiction
    sucking away at this feeble, fickle world
    till it finally disappears
    maybe that is the moment for which we seek