• You backstabbed me
    We drifted apart
    We tired to be friends
    But it hurt

    We had a good time
    For a year
    Everything turned sour
    And it hurt

    I guess our friendship meant nothing to you
    You thought my feelings were caused by jealousy
    I wasted all my energy going after people who teased you
    It was all for nothing, I told you how I felt,
    I trusted you, you turned on me,

    I did everything for nothing
    I expected better from you
    you’ve turned into a b****

    I only look after my BEST friends now
    I’ve learned my lesson
    If you don’t want to get hurt
    don’t go near people who you think will turn on you

    In the end they will
    And it will hurt
    It will hurt you more than it will hurt them
    Only trust the people you really know