• Agony
    My life is total pain
    My once white life-cloth is now tattered and stained
    I'm surrounded by venomous hate
    I'm somebody no one appreciates
    They ceaselessly hate me
    And never commiserate with me
    I'm the object of everybody's despise
    I'm surrounded by vicious, malicious lies
    People need to open their eyes
    And take a second look before uttering false cries
    I wish that I would meet my demise
    So that I can finally be in a place I prize
    No one knows what I'm going through
    Nobody seems honest or true
    Why can't I be allowed to start anew?
    I don't know what to do
    I just want to jump into the deep, dark blue
    And meet my destined doom
    Why is everyone so difficult to please?
    Why do so many people ignore my pleas?
    Sometimes I wish I would just die
    But all I can do is sit here and cry
    I cannot sleep at night
    There's always an internal fight
    My days have lost all their light
    I never have enough might
    To do everything that's proper and right
    I try to do what's best
    And forget about the rest
    It is just so hard
    I never have a single decent card
    I must always do what needs to be done
    My life is rarely, if ever fun
    I see problems and just want to run away
    My days are lifeless and gray
    There's always a cloud over my head
    Oftentimes I wish I were dead
    An internal battle rages on
    I wish is all would be gone
    My once bright, full, happy tree is now dead and bare
    Nobody even slightly acts like they care
    So I'll just hide in my lair
    And see if anyone dare
    To try to find out where
    I am, they're probably just glad to have me out of their hair
    I'm starting to grow weary
    Everything is dark and dreary
    Nobody ever comes near me
    No one ever seems to hear me
    No matter how loud I yell
    It's all a living Hell
    I feel as if I'll never be well
    My life is never swell
    I'm always being stabbed in the back
    My life, in a color, is black
    I wish that I could go back
    In time, to where it didn't feel as if everything was about to crack
    And crumble into pieces
    This is my thesis:
    Everything I do is wrong
    The days are far too long
    I try to sing a summery tune
    But it's always January, and never June
    My life has lost all it's glimmer
    And all I can to is boil, stew, and simmer
    My life is exceedingly blank
    Thoroughly dark and dank
    If dropped in water, I'd have sank
    My chain is always being yanked
    The once white cloth of my life is now soaked with blood
    My view is as clear as a puddle of mud
    As I look about and nigh me
    Hatred and rumors abound by me
    Others' opinions of me are grimy
    Peace is elusive, slippery, and slimy
    Like a snake that is slithering
    My self-esteem is withering
    People's comments are making me wilt
    Many walls have been built
    Blocking me from others
    Even my own brothers
    My will to live is growing colder
    Each day that I grow older
    And people's insults grow bolder
    I'm living in Hell
    People don't even act like they can tell
    I'd love to be rescued
    I wouldn't even consider it rude.