• The rain is said to be dreary
    Cold water ruining the girl's hair.
    Dark and uninviting some say
    The sun hiding in the clouds.

    But untrue is the word dreary
    Or cold and dark
    Rain is wonderful
    In so many ways.

    Rain is a fresh start
    Cleaning the slate

    Rain is happy
    The thought of dancing in it with the one you love.

    Rain is fun
    The little child stomping in puddles
    Mudding their pants

    Rain is warm
    For the lack of the sun
    On the boiling hot day

    And rain is beautiful
    Bringing sounds to us
    Nearly impossible to impersonate
    The pitter patter on the window
    The thunder but a bass drum
    Setting the beat for the lulaby.

    Brings flashes of light
    That have inspired so many
    And wearing the rock
    So you may see
    The gem that lays in your heart.