• By: Oakley Langley

    Dear, concerned reader

    “hello, 9-1-1
    There’s been a murder in a suburban home
    On 181 willow road
    I killed a young boy
    A young boy named Oakley Langley
    There is no use in looking for his body
    It’s never going to be found
    I can promise you this”

    This is how it started
    That one night
    That one phone call
    Changed everything I knew
    And everything a family loved

    That night I walked in the Langley house
    With the intention of not coming back out
    That house the same
    I knew I would come out a different man
    One with nothing to lose

    With nothing to lose I felt alive
    I felt this is the way it should be
    A man like me
    Was destined to because a live changer
    A murderer

    It’s amazing
    What really happens behind
    The closed doors of a suburban home
    A boy longed for adventure
    To break out of his home
    But lacked the courage to get out
    So I helped him
    You see I saved him

    I’ll repeat it again
    It’s amazing what really happens behind
    Closed doors in a suburban home
    Some familys sit down to eat
    Others pray for a night where they can sleep
    But Oakley prayed for a something only I could give him
    A life

    As Im growing weary of writing this letter
    I’ll leave you, my reader with one last thing
    “I killed Oakley Langley
    At 7:48 P.M
    On April 6th, 2010
    In his kitchen
    I gave him the life he wanted“.

    Elly Kay Angelo