• If I didn't know you better I'd say that you were lying. Lying about the messages I got on my phone, the messages that said you were sorry, you weren't coming home.

    I wish you were just joking when you really didn't come home, playing a prank like when we were young. All you did was laugh and act like it was something that you didn't do.

    If only dad hadn't left us so young, if only mom didn't yell from the start.

    Maybe you'd be here, maybe you be safe, and maybe just maybe, my pillow would be dry.

    But I got your text message a little to late. It told me to stay, it told me to wait. You didn't want trouble when you made your plans, and I'm sorry, I really am Sorry that I read it to late.

    You were still warm, I felt it in your blood, but your face was pale and motionless. They took you away and they made me go home, home to an empty house, an empty house full of silence.

    I went to my room, I sat down and cried. I got the text to late, and brother you died.