• even thoguh i try to loosen the chains on my heart
    it refuses to be touched by anything
    i search for the the one who holds the key
    the key.. to unlock my heart

    the search goes on
    never ending,relentless
    i use a blood hound
    but the trail seems to be scentless

    the agony sustains
    the furstration continues
    my search has been all in vain

    it seems like im stuck
    lost in a game
    loosing everything with no gain

    ive given up upon my search
    and told my self "that's it"
    i'm at a dead end with no way back
    i yell out loud "i quit"

    darkness swallows me
    my mind,nothing but blank
    this "game" im in...
    seems like nothing more than a prank

    i moved on without continuing my search
    which is now far into the past
    i look up one day
    above the darkness
    and i see a gleaming stairway

    i walk up the stairs
    not sure what to do
    and then.....

    light...it seemed so foreign now
    "is it possible?" i said aloud
    "of course it is" a voice said
    i then turned around

    a person stood there with an pleasent smile
    is my search complete?
    and in his hand he held a key
    my search... it has finaly come to an end..