• What is real love?
    Is real love a myth? Is real love just something you find in your cereal box? Is real love just something you forget about? No! Real love is when you meet someone and you just get lost in their eyes. Real love is when you find your true love and never let go! Love isnt real love unless you feel it. You cant say you found love just by meeting someone for the first time and propose to them just then and there. Real love is when you have known someone for a long time and have strong feelings for each other. Thats what real love is all about. Sure it may sound real corny,but eventually you will want to feel real love. You dont need just some prince to take you away just like in fairy tales when they live happily ever after. Make your own fairy tale then one day you will live a happily ever after with the person you love then with some prince that just want you because your cute(even though you are cute). They will love you for who you are. Trust me. Real love isnt just a fairy tale. Real love is much more than that. You will see!