• Pain

    This pain,
    Worse than heartbrake,
    Worse than torture,
    Worse than despare,
    What is it?

    My love,
    He comes into view,
    No! Look away from me,
    My bruised body,
    My dark eyes,
    My wired mouth,
    Look away.

    Why are his eyes connecting to mine,
    No! Look away,
    Why is he getting closer,
    No! Everyone else is better than me,
    Leave me to die,
    Leave me to drown in my own sorrow,
    Leave me to die alone.

    Why must you pick me up,
    Why must you look me in the eyes?

    My heart,
    It races,
    My pain disappears,
    My agony and misery goes away,
    Your soft lips touch mine,
    All my problems are gone in the wind,
    Your lips pull back,
    You keep me in your arms,
    This pain,
    It's gone,
    These tears,
    Not of pain but of happiness,
    My life,
    You have changed it,
    No! Don't leave me,
    Keep me in your arms,
    Don't turn to another girl,
    Keep me in your arms,
    Always love me,
    As I will always love you,
    Don't let the pain come back,
    Keep me in your arms.