• Escape

    Grab my hand,
    Let's run into the night,
    We'll climb Willow trees,
    We'll climb Oak trees,
    We'll escape our fates.

    Escaping our deaths,
    Escaping time,
    Escaping fear.

    Death isnt something to be afraid of my dear,
    We'll face it together,
    Hand in hand,
    We'll stare death in the face until it decides whether out souls travel to the gates of Heaven or the fires of Hell,
    Don't be afraid my love,
    We can escape death.

    We can escape time,
    Only watching the sun set,
    Watching the grasshoppers retreat into the grass,
    Watching fireflies buzz around lighting up the night sky,
    Hold me as we fall asleep under the stars.

    Don't fear anyone my angel,
    Fear can not harm you,
    For nothing can harm you,
    I will be here to protect you,
    Protect you from any harm,
    I will die trying to keep you safe dear.

    Let's escape life,
    Let's travel far to escape everyone,
    Death can not stop our voyage,
    Fear is unrelevant,
    Time is nothing,
    Take my hand love,
    Let's escape this world.