• It’s getting down to that time of year,

    Where school is boring and there is no cheer.

    When pencils are sharpened aligned in a row.

    When teachers are nervous hoping their hard work will show.

    We practiced all year for two special days.

    All the homework and packets they were boring as heck.

    All the D’s and The F’s on occasion a C.

    It’s funny how bad we do in a week!

    But, yes we survived we endured all the bore.

    Alison can ace it but the rest I’m not sure.

    Daniel fell asleep while Edwin got in trouble.

    Lindsay got a D and then he got another.

    Maria’s a genius an Makayla too.

    Brancy’s got her hair straight and Kristian’s got his food.

    Brandon broke his arm while Edward hasn’t changed.

    I really don’t know how to spell Arnaldo’s name.

    Kimberly is my friend but she scares me somehow.

    Dear John is unforgettable but I almost forget him now!

    Rene is in the back and it doesn’t bother him.

    Kaitlin is real nice she knows that I like cats.

    Alexis is so smart he’s making a robotic hand.

    Daniela’s got a poster of her precious dear Jacob.
    Natalie’s behind me saying a whole lot of random stuff.

    Dianyleis is a girl I hardly ever see.

    Alejandro is asking what happened and they said it once before.

    Everyone knows about Arlette she’s always everyone’s friend.

    Ashleys got her fancy bows.

    Elvin’s chewing a pen.

    Penguin is always funny.

    There’s so many people to name.

    I just wish the test wasn’t soon.

    Math and reading tests are hard we all know that’s a fact.

    Room 63 and 503! Hey! Someone hand me a map!

    We take the test and that’s no jest we pray we all get 5’s.

    Because if we don’t we’re in a slump we’ll be seventh graders all our lives.

    So now I say adieu to you, goodbye to one and all.

    We passed the test we became a success so I’ll see you all next fall.