• Most say fear my roar.
    I say fear my tears.
    I feel as if I have nothing left.

    So now these tears have suffocated me.
    They have pulled me too deep into the abyss.
    I faltered in all of my attempts to save myself.

    There is no one to save me.
    No one to cure me.
    No one to care about me.

    I have fallen too deep into the rabbit hole.
    I am no Alice nor Mad Hatter.
    I am the smoke in the Caterpillar's hookah.

    I am the Cheshire Cat's disappearing smile.
    I am Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum's fading friendliness.
    I am the withering flower garden.

    I can no longer stand these everflowing tears.
    They shall never end.
    They always come back.

    I shall drink the elixir and hope for the best.
    Whether it will make me shrink,
    Or perish and be no more but a corpse in front of the door.