• Nothing can fix this broken heart
    inside my heart a thousand needles stab me
    salty wet blobs of tears dried up
    I've wasted all my tears on you
    I can no longer cry
    In my misery I am forced to make a choice
    kill myself or just walk in my separate way
    I walk in my way to the dead forest where no life lives
    Thanks to you, and your failing love I am dead
    I've become Emo, depressed, and weak
    I can no longer breathe
    just choking in the mist
    I colaspe to my knees, not moving
    my last words.....
    "My last goodbye, to hell"
    my pupils get bigger and the shine in my eyes disappear
    There I lay on the cold floor, lifeless and pale
    I circle around in a firery place
    Then I think, I'm in hell
    No one can help my soul now
    Help me, you shall die
    Neverless, I am happy because I found someone else here
    Good bye my love, I hope your afflicting pain hurts worse than mine
    So to this I close my eyes
    Tis' now in a more peaceful place I call, Hell