• Your highs
    Don't you feel so invincible?
    Bring me low
    With every breath you take
    Every cloud you make
    Why do I feel so miserable?

    Those highs
    Don't you feel that you're on top of the world?
    Break me down
    With a pain I'll only feel
    When you're around
    Why have you left me such a lonely girl?

    A girl that felt so lost
    And all because
    He'd hide away all day
    She watched him waste away
    He was just outside her reach
    He was a cause that was beyond me
    And if I look into your eyes
    With a colour I have memorized
    Would I find you?
    Find you?
    Or would I find the monster you've become
    Did you ever stop to realize?
    (Ever stop to remember?)
    There once was a time
    Where you could have been the one
    Been someone.