• Darkness
    Star's gleaming in the night wishing to be seen by the people they like
    Waiting in the morning for night to fall to appear again to see them all
    Watching people from the sky wishing to bestow on their eye
    Gleaming more than ever to catch there eye's till morning comes and I die
    Waiting for night to strike again then I could begin again
    With a new power of the night I shine my dark light
    As I stare down to the abyss the only thing I see is this
    Dark shadow’s roaming ever were trying to find their memories of their past life
    As I see them roam around endlessly I can’t understand why
    Thinking it hopeless for them to search knowing that their memories are already gone
    Watching them going back an fourth, pacing, trying, and waiting, for their memories to come back
    Searching for endless hours sun rising in an hour slowly they start disappearing, fading, and gone no more dark shadows roaming the land of no more
    Waiting till night comes to see them once again but wanting to find out if they can ever find their home again till the dark shadows find their way I can’t find rest it the end for the day
    Night comes back and I was reborn again shining my dark light on everything that stands waiting to see the dark shadows again yet I realized that every passing night that I awaken in the night there more and more dark shadows
    Thinking will I become one of those dark shadows roaming to find memories of their past life wondering for endless hours wishing, wanting, and praying for the memories that I lost coming out when night strike
    Every passing night looking for the same thing over and over again no guiding light to lead me to everything I lost wanting people to help me but no one comes to save me from this never ending nightmare waiting every night for someone anyone to come and save me from the darkness In my soul
    No gleaming light to shine my way now I understand the dark shadows the dark shadows are people not only people me I’m one of those dark shadows consumed by darkness no way to come out by yourself u will need help to get back the things you lost
    Still waiting Every night passing me as I wait and think of ways to escape this treacherous nightmare wanting someone to wake me up and say it was only a bad dream but I now it will never happen
    Dark shadows passing the people in the light as they beg them to save them but yet the people in the light just pass them like they didn’t hear them pleading and begging
    Then I realized that the people in the dark cant contact the people in the light because there soul is to pure with happiness and grace thus
    Trying not to cry but it just makes it worst tears streaming down my face as I watch the dark shadows ask for help for their souls that they can’t fine
    Sitting in the dark abyss where all of the dark shadows resonated from I think to myself what have I done to deserve this treacherous life a beam of light shining as bright as the sun comes to me and asked my lovely dark shadow that lives in the darkness will you like to come with me into the light were you belong
    As he graves my hand a burst of wind blows from behind him and runs strait through my hair as were walking I feel an sensation I never felt be for I was regaining me memories that I lost as we walked into the light
    I thought to myself while I was crying finally someone has woken me from a never ending nightmare then he stopped and gave me a gentle smile and said were home where you belong and that home was
    The light

    By: Anime
    febuary 15, 2010