• Life has taken it's effect
    Upon you and your mind
    But you need to be perfect
    So leave your wounds behind

    Depression, sorrow, pain within
    Your thoughts no longer whole
    Others are watching, keep it in
    Proceed to smile, empty soul

    School, home, no matter where
    Hold that smile on your face
    There is no need for repair
    Just put the smile in place

    People pass as if nothing's wrong
    Finally you are allowed to stroll
    They won't notice if you keep it strong
    Therefore you will smile, empty soul

    Here it comes. The hard part
    A time when you want to burst
    Your smile begins to fall apart
    Attention you start to thirst

    Quickly, run, Don't make them look
    Smiling has to be your goal
    Your old life you already took
    So hurry and smile,empty soul

    Stitch, glue, staple and tape
    Wear that smile until you bleed
    Too late now,you can't escape
    This is the life that you lead.