• Wake
    By Darius Daniel

    Shattered hopes,
    Honor on downward slopes.
    People falling threw the cracks taking dope,
    Proving your actions are hard to cope.

    Men beating their wives because they can,
    We might as well start acting like Iran.
    Girls in their teens dressing like the broken ones on the streets,
    Just to put the boys in heat.

    War breaks out like solar flares,
    In the streets, sad stares.
    People wanting to feel,
    But their looking to the unreal.

    Straying into the unknown,
    Because they go alone.
    Like in a dream,
    Nothing is as it seems.

    People finally lost in a race,
    Now the fact is ready to face.
    Lost in your world, a happy place,
    But now it is time to wake…