• Roaming my environment I pondered and pondered trying to find answers to my questions
    I wondered what will be of our environment
    Advancing past the trees the wind blow past them
    A whispered voice comes from the trees
    “Nevermore it shall be.”
    Thinking I am moonstruck I quickly advance
    Will poverty ever end, I ask myself
    The bushes “People will continue to live with few and tainted resources.”
    I sprint no longer wanting to hear these voices in my head
    I feel that something is following me
    Yet these voices continue
    Racism, “Shall always be.”
    I arrive home and go to bed
    A dreadful dream awaits
    I see hate crimes and police brutality
    A homosexual couple beat to the ground, protesters shot with rubber bullets, beaten with batons
    Waste dumped into oceans, animals tested in cruel ways
    People being murdered, crosses being burnt
    Homes being raided
    I wake up and say to myself “Why can’t the world be a better place.”