• Blind

    closed, his eyes are to this earth,
    alone he walks, his happiness fleets.
    come and learn, this man's worth,
    see what damage leave his deeds.

    empty, the house where he lives,
    somewhere, his family has gone.
    who had guessed the love that gives,
    him reason, would leave before crack of dawn?

    confusion, left in their wake,
    his deeds, disappeared from mind.
    remember, for goodness sake!
    how could he be so blind?

    i thought the pain on face was clear,
    the screams, never ending.
    i thought the cries sung in his ears,
    mercy was never to his lending.

    does he deserve this bittersweet end?
    or is this fate for him too cruel?
    or does this message of truth send,
    you to think him of a fool?