• Placed where the light rarely shines
    A battlefield filled with mines
    A hall embracing secrets untold
    Each to be found and unrolled

    This is love, this is learning who,
    You so casually say “I love you” to
    Just as you think you know your lover
    More stories to be told are uncovered

    To love is to accept these stories
    And wash away their worries
    To live is to see past the skin
    And see their true self within

    Empty love has no place in my heart
    Empty love will just tear people apart
    True Love comes simple in youth
    But as we grow older holds less truth

    Somewhere along the way we lose track,
    Of how to love another person back
    Truths become lies and love is not the same
    All the lies cause tears and love becomes a game

    Somewhere along the way the hall was left alone
    Leaving each person’s self unknown
    Somewhere along the way we skipped around the mines
    And turned on lights to give the illusion that everything is fine