• Where were you,
    I was not too sure,
    I never really cared,
    Where are you,
    Do I want to know,

    You should've been there,
    I tell myself everyday,
    'Daddy should be here',
    Yet all I can think is,
    What if you were?

    Would it be different,
    A good difference,
    Or would be wishing,
    A swift death upon you?

    Mybe I take for granted,
    That I have no father,
    I can't know that now,
    It just shouldn't be you.


    'Where's your daddy'
    The ask me.
    I tell them.
    'What daddy?'

    Somedays it hurts,
    Wishing that instead,
    Of just being a deadbeat,
    That you were just dead.

    Other times,
    I'm at my best,
    And couldn't care less.

    But the shadows beat upon me,
    'What if's and 'Why not's destroy me.
    Why do I have no Daddy?
    What if he was here?