• the night you left
    was a cold winters night

    the air was breezy
    and the moon was bright

    the last words i ever heard you say
    whisper whisper on this day

    its been a year scince then
    but i still hear the soft words

    your breath upon my cheek
    as you said those words to me

    whisper whisper on this day
    never to forget me in this way

    you were my love my only soul
    my breath my heart is no more

    now you left me on the shore
    till this day i visit there

    in hope the words of whisper will come back once more

    whisper whisper
    my true love
    i will come back one summers day

    but he never did return my one true love
    my heart was broken
    the soft sweet words of the whisper

    ignored and left to lie like a cinder
    in my memories the whisperd words will be forever
    even though they were untrue
    but the words i say are i still love you!