• Why do you do this to me?
    You don't even care.
    Your indifference brings me to my knees.
    You wouldn't know it.
    Because you're never there.
    All this time i thought we were something.
    But i guess i was wrong.
    Now i know that I'm nothing.
    But it doesn't matter, right?
    Nothing matters when you dont care.
    Nothing matters when you're just so scared.
    And if i became something to you
    Then you'd have someone to lose.
    So i was your toy.
    Nothing too serious. Oh that's uncalled for.
    But you'll never realize all the damage you've done.
    You'll never care enough to know.
    And though i meant every word i told you.
    I should probably let you go.
    So that all those nights
    And all your words
    Can drift away from my memory.
    Like your little white lies
    That weren't meant to hurt.