• You died

    You lived, yes.
    you died, yes.
    your life was full of happiness,
    Oh, and joy.
    R.I.P my friend


    D orky
    I ntelligent
    M ustard liking
    I ntimidating
    T ree
    R andom
    I nteresting

    A Day

    The sunlight shines bright.
    And the birds chirp in the trees.
    Goodbye goes the sun.

    The Water

    The water forms around me,
    Huggingme tight.
    Bubbles float from me,
    The water obscures the light.
    I swim and I see,
    A shark in a fight.
    I feel free,
    It feels right.

    A best Friend

    Best friend
    Short, funny
    laughing, marching, listening
    always cheers me on

    Bad voice

    This woman sang this gosh darn song
    Oh, it was very very, very long.
    I cried out to her,
    WILL you stop that, grr.
    I went to the door and ruined that song

    Turn Out The Light

    Turn out the light,
    I am trying to sleep!
    I don't wanna fight,
    just don't make a peep.

    The Ghost Of Me

    The ghost of me is oh so hard to see.
    It creeps upon me so silently, eek.
    The life I see is so so far from me.
    I look to find to find i try to seek.
    I hope someday i will feel very free.
    But right now i am to meek and to weak.
    The ghost of me is oh so hard to see.


    Peanut butter is to jelly, like hat is to head.
    Smell is to nose, like sand is to toes.
    and leaf is to tree, like you are to me.

    Scaredy cat

    The crow caws,
    the wind whooshes.
    i hear paws,
    in the bushes.

    what is it?
    is it a terrible beast?
    should i sit,
    and let it feast?

    No, it's okay it is a cat.
    It's only just chasing a rat.