• Why should I keep living another day,
    When no one else knows what to say?
    My heart is still so broken,
    My old wounds have been torn open.
    Don't cry for me.
    Your tears are useless.
    I've been cursed by this lie of a life.
    And yet here I lay holding this bloody knife.
    I'm not sorry for what I've done.
    Just be thankful I didn't use my gun.
    I'm leaving now so do not cry.
    It's just my time to die.
    For too long have I kept up this lie.
    My soul was ripped from the beginning.
    It slowly deminished to nothing.
    Now I'm gone, and I'm glad.
    And I do not feel remorse if you're sad.
    I do not regret what I have done.
    This was a battle that could not be won.
    I've slipped away from this world of lies.
    And I still hear your cries.
    Do not waste your tears on me.
    I'm now where I should be.
    The time will fade and so will I.
    And now it is time I bid thee goodbye