• Pictures

    This picture
    Losing it's color as it bleeds onto my hands,
    The face of the child slowly fades,
    His smile no longer shows,
    Only mixed colors of his life.

    The wind takes the picture
    Guiding it to far distances as I stand alone in the world,
    As it waves through the wind
    Rain falls from the darken clouds above,
    The picture flutters down to the ground,
    Rain falls on top of it
    Colors fill the ground as more rain falls upon it,
    It bleeds more and more until it is nothing more than colors on a sheet of paper.

    I pick up the colored paper
    It falls apart in my colored hands,
    Rain pours on my body as I stand looking at this sheet of colored, unknown paper
    Colors drip down from my hands into puddles underneath my feet,
    Colors take a hold of the water and shows many different colors.

    My imagination gets lost in all the colors,
    Rain drops down from my face into the puddles
    Wind moves my hair in many directions as I wipe the rain from my face.

    I drop the picture,
    Now no one shall see this smiling child
    His beautiful face in the sunlight as he laughed,
    Now this memory is just colors lost in my imagination.