• A silvery moon's shadow sits on your shoulder
    I reach out but fear I can not touch your hand
    Then I see your face, next to mine, smiling
    Two souls mourning, yet we walk on

    Smiles always find me when you're near
    The binds of these bodies do not inhibit us
    Together we lift up in joyous laughter
    Both of us regretting, yet we soar higher

    Our past lives do not affect us here
    Hand in hand we soar over the heavens
    Somehow wanting to forget what we can not
    We smile to each other in known forgiveness

    Tears from my eyes are falling like rain
    You say it's alright but we both know it's not
    Tremors running through your whole body
    Shaking, I laugh, bittersweetly, without humor

    Two souls mourning, one alive, one dead
    I will still remember, I will walk on.