• Tinkerbell is a wonderfullly well known fairy,
    she's playful and sweet, yes it's true..
    The Sugar Plum Fairies are really quite merry,
    bringing dreams of sweetness to you.

    But do you know of the lesser known fae,
    who take care of the less infamous tasks?
    The ones who bless you with foods everyday,
    and aren't real if anyone asks.

    Well, I'm here to tell you that I know of every one,
    from the kind to the lazy to the ambitious,
    I hope you will listen until I am done,
    you will learn that they aren't fictitious.

    My first little faery is one you may know,
    especially if you have looked at my name.
    He really enjoys to flip pancakes for show,
    and thinks of his job as a game.

    The Pancake Faery brings tasty golden disks,
    on platters made of porcelain and glass.
    He does his job with the help of his whisk,
    and isn't afraid to kick . . . grass . . .

    Then there is my least favorite faery friend,
    a nuisance to all those who know her.
    She is always bringing our fun to an end,
    with a quick flash of her silvery fur.

    Her name happens to be The Lost Faery,
    the reason we cannot find what we misplace.
    Her temperment and sense of humor are scary,
    so fear her mischeivous embrace.

    The twin faeries of Cleaning and Clutter,
    make a very miraculous team.
    They skip from home to home with a flutter,
    and begin their confuzzling scheme.

    Clutter will rampage through teenagers rooms,
    decorating floors and the occasional chair.
    Clean will spray her magical fumes,
    that make dirt and mess disappear.

    Have you ever noticed something quite curious,
    things moving all by themselves?
    It really does make me tremendously furious,
    when my books are rearranged on their shelves.

    This is not the work of a ghost, you know,
    it is the work of another little fae.
    He does this as a bit of a powerful show,
    a mischeivously upsetting kind of display.

    His name is The Poltergeist Faery,
    his acts have been blamed on ghosts.
    People all over have become quite wary,
    that they will become his next hosts.

    And last but not least on my list of the unknown,
    a fairy that is close to our hearts.
    It's efforts are spread and meticulously shown,
    by the results of its practical arts.

    The Faery of Hope is the last on my list,
    it stays within reach of us all.
    And those who doubt that hope does exist,
    have caused its horrible fall.

    You see, hope is not present in much of the world,
    and if it is there it is small.
    Over the years this faerie's death has unfurled,
    and hope will soon leave us all.

    There are many more fae that I could recall,
    if I were to be so willing.
    My tales that I tell would be able to enthrall,
    and the fae folk in them would be thrilling.

    But I am unfortunately running out of rhymes,
    so I will stop while I am ahead.
    I'll save those stories for some other times,
    and share them before I am dead.
    ~le pancake fairy